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Blueskysea B2W Dash Camera V20190927 Firmware

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Update time : 2019-09-27 21:37:01

Blueskysea B2W Dash Camera V20190927 Firmware

Change log:

1. Fixed GPS Unit MPH issue.

V20190927 firmware download link here

How to update:

1, Plug the supplied 32Gb card into your computer USB socket with a card reader.
2, Format the 32Gb card on your computer.
3, Copy the bin file from above google link to the card.
4, Plug the card into the camera.
5, Power on the camera with your phone USB wall charger with the supplied USB cable.
6, It will update firmware automatically after power on, and wait for 2 minutes until the camera reboots.The red LED will be blinking while upgrading.
7, Press ok to stop recording and check the firmware info in the camera menu.
8, Format the card in the camera menu, or else, it will update again after power on next time!
9, If you use a 64Gb card or above card to update firmware, you should use the tool Guiformat tool to format the card as FAT32 system, or else, this camera cannot read the bin file from your 64Gb card, and does not update firmware!