By Robert Dai | 20 March 2021 | 0 Comments

Why you need a rear camera for B4K dash cam?

A question to our readers: What's the value of a rear dash cam?

That is a saying:

90% of accidents are covered by the front cam;
9% of accidents are covered by the rear cam;
99% of accidents are covered by Front and Rear cams.

If you hardwired the dashcam, and enable parking mode, Front + Rear more fully covers your vehicle. This is a highly likely time that other drivers will damage your vehicle and drive off.

The rear dash cam is not an expensive investment, only drawback is for a complicated installation how to route camera cable along with the ceiling from the front to the back.

Another reason is a hit-and-run. If someone hits you and knows they are in the wrong and speeds off you have the footage proof, license plate, and everything you need to file a police report and then subsequently an insurance claim.

So, it worths plus a rear camera if you have had a front dash cam BlueSkySea B4K.


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