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BlueSkySea B2W-Best Dashcam for Rideshare and Taxi

  Whenever I talk to fellow Uber drivers in Los Angeles, I am sure to mention the importance of having a dashcam.

I have experience with Vantrue N2 Pro and Street Guardian dashcam since 2017 with great success. I had two Falcon 360s that did not like my SD cards so I sent them back to B&H in 2016.

But the dash camera I most recommend is a brand new model made by Blueskysea called the "B2W".

This Blueskysea B2W is a phenomenal rideshare dash camera by itself. Considering its price ($139 with additional discounts available on Amazon) it is a steal.

The B2W has all of the features of the $200 Vantrue N2 Pro, AND additional features found only on $400 dash cameras.

I have used the $139 B2W dash camera for 3 months in the hot California sun. Here are some things I like about it: (I am also a semi professional photographer, by the way)

1) Interior AND Exterior cameras. Interior camera has an infrared sensor and infrared illumination lights to light up interior cabin at night without bothering passengers.

2) High quality construction, good looks, and specifically designed from the ground up for rideshare and taxi drivers with the input from drivers.

3) Both camera turrets can be horizontally swivelled left or right direction in case of an incident developing out of the normal wide angle of view.

4) The image from the front facing, traffic camera image is clear and color neutral! (unlike the Vantrue N2 Pro which has an annoying blue tint to the images)

5) The LCD screen is large.

6) Innovative mounting hardware allows you to reposition the B2W on variosu windshield locations multiple times until you find an optimal spot.

7) Videos from both camera can be view and downloaded (via wifi) straight from the B2W to your cell phone or tablet without removing SD card via an app (available on PlayStore and Apple's app Store) called "RoadCam".

This wifi feature is useful because after an incident, police may ask you if you can play the video for them to see on a larger device (don't ask me how I know that.)

8) The B2W has an accessory hardworking adapter that allow you to connect the camera directly to fuse box of you car. Most important is the low voltage cutout of this adapter is user selectable and is high enough to prevent your car battery from draining to the point where your car won't start.

In contrast, the Vanture hard wire kit is useless in this regard. Its low voltage cutoff is below the value at which the car battery will die.

9) GPS tracking speed location.

This is an exceptionally well designed rideshare and taxi dual dashcam.

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