B2W Dual-Lens Dashcam

Item No.: B2W
The best value dual-lens Uber dash camera of 2020
  • Processor: Novatek
  • Image Sensor: IMX307+IMX307
  • Lens: F1.8
  • Video resolution: 1080P
  • Video codec: H.264
  • Video format: MP4
  • LCD display: 2.0"
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • GPS logger: Optional
  • Working temperature: -20°C - 70°C; -4°F - 158°F
  • Measurements: 111*66*29 mm
  • Input: 5V,2A
  • Description FAQ Optional Accessories


    Blueskysea B2W 1080P Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside Dash camera


    Main Features:

    【Dual Lens Dash Cam Compatible for Uber Taxi, Rideshare, and Lyft Drivers】: B2W dual channel dash cam can shoot both front and inside simultaneously with full HD (1920x1080p) resolution; Dual lens design with a smooth, easy horizontal adjustment (e.g. cabin lens can quickly be pointed towards the driver’s door) recording driver's window interactions.

    【Super Night Vision & IR-cut filter】: Invisible infrared cabin illumination utilizing 4 IR LEDs allows the cabin view to see passengers even in darkness, with an automatic switchable IR-cut filter to provide enhanced sensitivity at night time while providing correct color during daylight.

    【Supports capacity up to 400GB】: Our dual lens car driving recorder B2W supports 400GB max for approximately 30 hours record time before the memory is full and starts overwriting, but most other cameras are currently restricted to 64Gb-128Gb maximum, which is simply not enough; Note: We recommend using a Samsung Pro Endurance, Samsung Evo, or SanDisk Ultra A1 memory card.

    【2.0 Inch Large LCD Screen & Wi-Fi dash cam】: 2.0 Inch, large, easy to read LCD monitor with setup menu, video playback, live view, and screen saver function; Wi-Fi and an app for mobile devices (smartphone/tablet) allows for easier viewing of video playback, video clip download, and camera setup via the larger screens of iOS or Android devices.

    【24 Hours Parking Monitor】: The B2W Uber dashcam comes with a parking mode function. When the engine is turned off, the B2W will enter the parking mode and stop recording. if an impact is detected by the G-sensor, the camera automatically starts video recording to record the incident. Note: needs an optional hardwire kit, which is sold separately.



    Package Contents :

    1x Dual Lens Camera;
    1x USB car charger;
    1x Trim removal tool;
    1x Adhesive mount;

    1x Suction cup mount;
    4x Cable clips

    1x USB data cable;
    1x User Manual

    Optional Accessories:

    1x GPS module (for recording correct time, speed and location).

    1x Hardwire kit (for power connection to fuse box instead of accessory socket, also provides parking mode and car battery low voltage protection).

    1. The dash camera does not record.

    Please use a high-speed microSD card (C10 or above).

    If there is a card error, format the memory card in the camera or change a new card.


    2. The dash camera does not loop record.

    Check if the microSD card has enough free space, it may be full of locked files. 

    All files can be deleted quickly by formatting the card in the camera.


    3. A Document Error occurs when replaying photos or videos.

    This can happen due to a bad quality microSD card or a corrupted card format. Please format or replace the microSD card.


    4. The video file is not clear.

    Please check if the lens is clean, clean the lens with a soft cloth/lens wipe.


    5. There are cross stripes or flicker in the recorded video.

    In the menu, set the frequency to “50Hz” or “60Hz” depending on the local electricity supply frequency.


    6. How to connect the hardwire kit to the fuse box?

    GND=Black wire=Ground

    VCC = Red wire = permanent live.

    The camera will switch between normal and parking mode depending on alternator voltage or battery voltage.

    ACC = Yellow wire = Turned on when car engine on

    The camera will switch to normal mode when this is turned on.


    7. Does Parking mode work with an extra power bank?

    No, parking mode cannot work with a power bank. The dash camera will keep recording in normal mode until the power bank is empty.


    8. Why does this camera not stay connected to my Android phone?

    For some Android phone models (like Google Pixel 2 and SAMSUNG), if the mobile data (LTE) and Wi-Fi are enabled at the same time, the phone will switch to mobile data mode automatically since the B2W Wi-Fi SSID cannot access the internet. This will break the Wi-Fi connection between the camera and the smartphone.


    For example, SAMSUNG users: go to Settings — WLAN —Advanced, switch off the “Automatic Data Switch” option, or simply switch off the mobile data usage.


    If a proxy setting is applied to the Wi-Fi setting, the connection may also fail. Tap the SSID of the camera and go to Advanced — Proxy Settings, select “none” and save the Wi-Fi connection.


    Switch off then switch on the Wi-Fi option to try again.


    Quit the app (also kill the background process of the app) and reopen the app.


    9. What’s the electrostatic sticker for? Does it just go on the windscreen and dashcam stick to it?


    It was a static sticker meant to put on your windshield and then stick the adhesive mount to it. If you use the electrostatic sticker you don't get to leave any residues when you detach. Anyway, you can fit the B2W camera directly without it.


    10. Why the dash camera beeps and indicates it was a failed card?


    In general, the memory card lifespan for the dash camera is about six months and may be subject to data corruption or loss due to static electricity and/or external voltage. For this reason, we highly recommend the user to copy and save important data to external media (hard disc, USB drive, etc.) It is strongly recommended to format the memory cards to minimize memory card error!

    11. How to update the firmware?


    1, Plug the supplied 32Gb card into your computer USB socket with a card reader.
    2, Format the 32Gb card on your computer.
    3, Copy the bin file from above google link to the card.
    4, Plug the card into the camera.
    5, Power on the camera with your phone USB wall charger with the supplied USB cable.
    6, It will update firmware automatically after power on, and wait for 2 minutes until the camera reboots.
    7, Press ok to stop recording and check the firmware info in the camera menu.
    8, Format the card in the camera menu, or else, it will update again after power on next time!
    9, If you use a 64Gb card or above card to update firmware, you should use the tool Guiformat to format the card as FAT32 system, or else, this camera cannot read the bin file from your 64Gb card, and does not update firmware!

    * User can find #B2W 20190927 Version updated firmware here
    * Video reference here


    12. Everything works but MPH? When I select MPH, it shows KM/H on the screen!

    1, Please download #B2W 20190927 Version updated firmware here
    2, Please update the firmware in the camera!


    1, GPS module

    With this gps module, you can check vehicle location/speed/route on Map through GPS Video Player.

    2, Hardwire kit
    The hardwire fuse kit for Blueskysea B2W dual channel car camera has a mini-USB end which plugs into the camera.
    4 differrrent voltages can be selected for battery protection.
    The other end connects to your 12/24v car electronics to provide a seamless integration with a mini-USB charger.
    it can also provide permanent power to the camera; especially useful when you want to record while the car is parked.