B1M Motorcycle Dashcam

Item No.: B1M
B1M MINI WiFi Motorcycle Dashcam, Dual HD 1080p, Small size is easy to set up under the seat!
  • Processor: Novatek
  • Image Sensor: IMX323
  • Lens: F1.8, 6G Lens
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Video codec: H.264
  • Video format: MP4
  • LCD display: No Screen
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • GPS logger: Optional
  • Working temperature: -20 ~ 60
  • Measurements: 82*32*18 mm
  • Input: 5V 1A

    Blueskysea B1M Motorcycle Dash Cam No Screen Waterproof Front and Rear Motor Dash Camera

    Main features:

    1. The B1M motorcycle drive recorder has dual 1080P cameras on the front and rear and can record high-quality HD video. The frame rate is 30fps, corresponding to LED traffic lights nationwide, and the data rate is 12 Mbps.

    2. The Sony IMX 323 sensor is mounted on two 135 degree wide-angle lenses, providing high-quality recording quality even at night.

    3. The camera is IP67 waterproof, so it can be used safely even on rainy days. For safe driving, the B1M video recorder has no screen, so it is recommended to mount the main unit on the bike storage bag (under the seat).

    4. This product has a dedicated app, you can play videos and set up the configuration in the app. Easy to operate.

    5. The B1M motorcycle dashcam has an engine-linked function and starts recording automatically when the engine is turned on; the last video footage is automatically saved well when the engine is turned off. There is no complicated operation and it is easy to use.


    Product Package:

    1 x B1M main body

    2 x camera

    2 x Camera bracket

    1 x Wired remote control

    1 x USB charging cable

    2 x 2M camera extension cable

    6 x 3M double-sided tape

    1 x Manual

    1 x GPS module (optional)

    1 x Y-type cable (optional)

    More B1M Camera installation photos here:

    How to do the power adapter connection?
    GND=Black wire=Ground
    VCC = Red wire = 12v always-on socket, which a permanent live socket
    ACC = Yellow wire = Turned on when motorcycle engine on

    Or Red wire and Yellow wire to the same Key-On ignition switch. It works well in this way also!

    WiFi connection error with dashcam B1M.
    1. Do the WiFi connection in your iPhone Wi-Fi section/WAN section if Android phone
    2. Find the dashcam Wi-Fi SSID name B1M-XXXXXX, and input password 12345678 to connect
    3. Open the APP B1MCAM on your phone, and preview the image from the motorcycle dashcam


    Why this camera wouldn't stay connected to my phone?

    For some Android phone models (like Google Pixel 3), if the mobile data(LTE) and Wi-Fi are enabled at the same time, the phone will switch to mobile data mode automatically since the B1M Wi-Fi SSID cannot access to the internet. This will break the Wi-Fi connection between the camera and the smartphone.
    Best to switch the Airplane mode on your phone and redo the Wi-Fi connection!


     1. For example, Galaxy users: go to Settings — WLAN —Advanced, switch off the “Automatic Data Switch” option, or simply switch off the mobile data usage.

     2. If a proxy setting is applied to the Wi-Fi setting, the connection may also fail. Tap the SSID of the camera and go to Advanced — Proxy Settings, select “none” and save the Wi-Fi connection.

     3. Switch off then switch on the Wi-Fi option to try again.

     4. Quit the app (also kill the background process of the app) and reopen the app.


    Can two smartphones connect to the same dash camera at the same time?

    It cannot work!

    One dash camera only can be connected to one smartphone at a time.


    How to load new firmware to the camera by Windows computer?

     1. Format the SD card in FAT32 format (If 32GB card you use, please format as FAT32 by Windows computer;if 64GB card, please use this GuiFormat tool to format as FAT32 by Windows computer).

     2. Copy the bin files over to the root directory of the SD card and put the card into the camera.

     3. Power on the camera and the firmware should automatically move onto the camera, leave for 30 seconds to 1 minute to ensure the firmware has updated the camera.

     4. Take out the SD card and reformat it as FAT32.

     5. Place the SD card back into the camera.

     6. Check the firmware version using the app on your smartphone.


    How long it can record with a 32Gb card?

    The B1M will last about 2 hours before its memory was full, but keep looping recording even if it was full!

    There are 2 LED indicators on the wired remote, and also a button on the wired remote controller. What does it all mean?

    Two indicators led lights: Red led-always-on indicates recording;
    Green led-always-on indicates WiFi-connected;

    Press the button to block video clips while in recording mode;
    Long press to disable/enable B1M camera WiFi;



    B1M footage is showing upside down, and I do not see an option on the APP to change the angle position. How to correct it?

    You need to adjust its camera direction manually!
    You can do it in this way:
    Remove the camera cap---Loosen the camera clip by a driver---rotate the camera body and preview the image in the APP


    B1M Optional GPS module
    GPS Player dashcam viewer